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Bond Oversight Committee

The “Measure A” Bond Oversight Committee (BOC) was authorized by the Garden Grove Unified School District Board of Education in October 2010. The BOC is an all-volunteer body charged with overseeing the lawful expenditure of bond funds authorized by voter approval of Measure A in June 2010.

The BOC is considered a public body and obligated by state law to conduct its meetings in conformance with the requirements of the Ralph M. Brown Act.

BOC Agendas, Minutes, and Reports - Click Here

Measure A Bond Audit Report (6-30-12)

Measure A Bond Audit Report (6-30-11)

Board Oversight Committee Annual Report (7-1-11 – 6-30-12)

Board Oversight Committee Annual Report (7-1-10 – 6-30-11)

Bond Oversight Committee Members


At-Large Representatives PTA Parent Representatives

Lac Tan Nguyen

Bernice Flatebo

Jeffery Trader

Jennifer Sieve

Robert Tucker

Ted Stevens Jr. (Chair)

Taxpayers' Assn. Representative Business Representatives

Lila Held

Peter Florin

Senior Citizens' Representatives

Barbara Barker (Vice-Chair)

Joan Mildenstein



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